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the food policy institute is a research unit of rutgers, the state university of new jersey, that addresses food policy issues. we view our role in food policy research as supporting public and private decision makers who shape aspects of the food system within which government, agriculture, industry and the consumer interact.

our mission is to bring the depth of academia’s knowledge to bear on pressing issues and challenges facing the food system by providing timely and relevant research that is responsive to the needs of government, industry and the consumer.


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  • the economic impact of agritourism in new jersey: a 2006 assessment
    by b. schilling, k. sullivan, and l. marxen. [download pdf]

  • avian influenza in poultry: american knowledge, perceptions, and responses
    by s. c. condry, w. k. hallman, m. vata, c. l. cuite. [download pdf] (full size) [download pdf] (small file size) [press release]

  • culture and technological innovation: impact of institutional trust and appreciation of nature on attitudes towards food biotechnology in the usa and germany
    by h. p. peters, j. t. lang, m. sawicka, w. k. hallman. published by the international journal of public opinion research 2007 19: 191-200. [download pdf] [link to journal]

  • public response to the contaminated spinach recall of 2006
    by c. l. cuite, s. c. condry, m. l. nucci, w.k. hallman. [download pdf] [press release]

  • public opinion and media coverage of animal cloning and the food supply
    by w. k. hallman and s. c. condry. [download pdf]

  • visit nj farms!
    a new website to promote farm visits in new jersey is developed by the food policy institute, the new jersey department of agriculture, and rutgers cooperative extension. [www.visitnjfarms.org]

  • the opportunity for agritourism development in new jersey
    by b. schilling, l. marxen, h. heinrich, and f. brooks. [download pdf]

  • choices - consumer's desire for gm labels: is the devil in the details?
    published by the american agricultural economics association [download pdf]

  • avian influenza (bird flu) information
    for more information on avian influenza please download our fact sheet [fpi fact sheet]
    or visit the extension disaster education network (eden) website [eden website]

  • ask before you eat! new jersey kicks off food allergy awareness campaign [find out more]


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